​Kyrie Irving is ridiculously good at playing the game of basketball. 

He's also really good at making himself look like a fool.

We all know about the times he said the ​earth is flat and, more recently, when he called Boston a "real live sports city."

​​However, in his most recent dig at his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, he had an incredibly perplexing answer for what the biggest difference was between Cleveland and Boston. 

​​Really, ball movement? One of Kyrie's biggest flaws as a player is he's not good at moving the ball. He's gone entire games without recording an assist, a feat I truly thought was impossible for a point guard before he did it. 

This could be meant as a dig at Tyronn Lue since his new coach, Brad Stevens, is known as one of the best Xs and Os coaches in the league. But if that were the case, why not just say "coaching."

As for Irving on the court, he recorded 10 assists in his game last night against the Hornets. Maybe he's finally getting better at moving the ball.

Irving will need back up all of his talk if he's going to make an impression on his former team in the season opener. After hearing this, the Cavs will be even more stoked for the season opener.