​It's not the most surprising thing to see a new Browns quarterback struggle, but no situation is like DeShone Kizer's.

After dismal performances to start the season, the Browns benched the rookie in favor of Kevin Hogan. 

On top of that, Kizer's social media isn't helping him either. Kizer apparently liked a tweet saying that the Browns "have and always will be the worst organization in the league."

Salty much?

​​Now, Kizer is a rookie second-round pick, so you would have to expect him to struggle out of the gate, but Kizer's been downright reckless. And now he's brought that recklessness to Twitter to take a shot at his organization. 

If I were the Browns, I'd make Kizer a healthy inactive on Sunday so he can begin to learn. 

The jump to the NFL isn't an easy one for any player, especially a quarterback. Kizer's transition will take time, so even though he'll be on the bench, it will be better for the team and for him. 

Kevin Hogan is able to move the ball like Kizer, but play much safer football. Kizer has 11 turnovers during the Browns 0-5 start, including five in the red zone and six on third downs. In key-game situations, he has to learn to be able to take care of the football. 

With Hogan on the field, Kizer has to be able to stand on the sidelines and focus on learning the game, not playing it right now. There's no better way to do that than ensure he has no thought of getting on the field Sunday. 

Cleveland's move to Hogan is a move for the future, which is okay for the Browns right now. They're already sitting at 0-5, still clearly in rebuilding mode. 

The best thing they can get out of this season is learning experience for their young players. Hogan gets some game action and Kizer gets some studying in alongside the coaching staff. 

Long-term, hopefully Kizer can learn his lesson about social media usage and protecting the football.