Gary Sanchez dropped it. He dropped it!

​Austin Jackson should have run for first base, knowing that the strikeout wouldn't be complete unless he was tagged or forced out at the bag.

​Instead, he threw in the towel and watched the Yankees start celebrating as he sulked back to the losing dugout.

​The game shouldn't have ended. The series shouldn't have ended.

In a certain bohemian respect, it didn't. And even the Yankees know it.

This is simply an unconscionable, inexcusable concession by Jackson, who took to the plate with a man in scoring position. The tying run was on deck. The season was on the line.

And yet, nothing.

What about the rules, Austin? DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THE RULES??!?

If I'm an Indians fan, I go to my grave insisting that this game, and everything the Yankees ever do ever again for eternity, be branded with an asterisk. Because if this game is over without being over, then nothing is real anymore. Nobody can trust their own two eyes and facts are hereby meaningless. And so is life now, too.

Thanks a lot, Austin.