In the wake of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' insistence that his team stand during the National Anthem, voices around the league are responding in kind. For his part, veteran Cowboys corner Orlando Scandrick issued quite a jab at his boss.

It's hard to read these comments as anything other than an expression of displeasure with Jones' mandate. ​​Scandrick clearly isn't a fan of forced compliance.

Or with President Donald Trump, for that matter.

​​The timing of this situation is interesting, as the league has scheduled talks this week to create ​a rule requiring players to stand during the anthem, an imperative Trump has called for publicly.

In Big D, a bye week has done nothing to dilute the narrative. Anthem protests will surely continue to dominate headlines this season, and there may be more shoes to drop for the Cowboys-- fans are surely waiting to see if any of Scandrick's teammates are similarly willing to speak out against their owner. 

If enough of them do, we could be looking at a labor standoff the likes of which the league has never seen.