Strasburg WILL start Game 4.

The MLB postseason is full of drama that changes on a batter-by-batter, and minute-by-minute basis. Previously, it was reported the Nationals were going to start Tanner Roark for Game 4 against the Cubs. 

Everyone wondered as to why, considering the Nationals' backs are against the wall.

​Everything and everyone, including Dusty Baker, pointed towards Roark starting for the Nationals in Game 4 over Steven Strasburg, who was reportedly feeling "ill" and was expected to be saved for a potential Game 5, if the Nationals bats ever awoke. 

Now, it is being reported that Strasburg is back in as the starter for today's action. 

Geez, Washington. Get a grip on your team. If they can't figure out the starter for a win-or-go-home contest, then the odds of them forcing a Game 5 dwindle by the inning. ​​

​​Strasburg was brilliant in Game 1, but his illness previously appeared to be too much to overcome. He'll be playing in Chicago after all, where playing through sickness is a necessity in that town.

Suck it up, kid. This is the postseason.