​At least we have our health?

No, nevermind that. Nothing can make U.S. soccer fans happy right now. What an EMBARRASSING night for the red, white and blue. How are you going to lose 2-1 to Trinidad & Tobago and miss the World Cup?

Bros?! Ridiculous. Some are calling this the worst night for U.S. soccer in its history. And you know what, I'mt not going to argue with that statement. Neither will the ruthless folks on Twitter, who truly took it to the boys tonight following the loss. 

Completely acurate. Bruce Arena driving that car? It would make sense. 

Where are all my bandwagon soccer fans out there?! If you didn't watch tonight's game, I don't want to hear a word about Ronaldo or Messi from you next spring. 

Ok, this is amazing. Though I'm never supportive of burning jerseys, this is as close as I've been to actually doing it. Not Clint, though. That's my boy. 

Yup. Nearly everyone looked like hot garbage tonight!

PREACH! These guys had one job. Represent the country and the shirt on their backs. Fail. 

Let's be real here, the U.S. had no shot of winning this thing. Maybe it's best to just be out now. 

Fifa once again feeling like real life. 

​​Can this year end already? Please!

Who you going to root for now? I'm going Spain, baby!

The truth actually hurts here. 

Better luck for Qatar 2022, guys.