With Max Scherzer's turn in the rotation being delayed due to injury, this was Stephen Strasburg's time to be the ace of the Washington Nationals rotation. 

He had an impressive start in Game 1, going seven innings and allowing three hits while striking out 10, but gave up two unearned runs due to an error by Anthony Rendon.

Because of the weather delay on Tuesday, Game 4 against the Cubs will now take place on Wednesday. Strasburg could have, in theory, gotten the nod. Instead, with his team facing elimination, he's passing?


Dusty Baker came out and said his star pitcher is feeling under the weather, so he's sticking with Tanner Roark. However, the latest update is shocking. Strasburg straight up declined the chance to take the hill?

This is your MJ flu game opportunity, Stephen!

Strasburg finished 2017 with a career low 2.52 ERA, while Roark struggled and posted a 4.67 ERA. All Nats fans out there are probably fuming right now. As for Cubs fans? They can't help but smile. 

Game 4 is going to be a wild one.