While the NFL continues to flourish with highly talented wide receivers, it is easy to forgot how dominant Josh Gordon once was. In his 2013 sophomore season, Josh missed the first two games while serving a suspension for failing a drug test for Codeine, then he went on to lead the NFL in receiving yards with 1,646 on 87 receptions.

Since then Gordon continued to struggle with drugs and alcohol, which he talks about in this 13 minute documentary posted today. 

Gordon has been suspended for 48 of the Cleveland Browns' past 53 games, and 50 of the past 69. He has not been available for a full season since his rookie campaign in 2012.

​​LeBron James, who seems to be the consoling voice for so many athletes, supported Gordon's decision to talk about his dark history, and spread awareness by posting the video on Uninterrupted.com. 

In the few days since Gordon was released from his rehab center, he has been training with former Olympic sprinter Tim Montgomery with intentions of getting back to the NFL. It isn't Josh's ability that scares Hue Jackson, it's his unpredictable personality and battles with addiction that raise eyebrows. 

Should the NFL pass his reinstatement, the Browns should also consider passing on the opportunity. 

With all of the holes on Cleveland's boat, Josh Gordon would just be a 20-foot wave added to the equation. That doesnt mean another team wont gladly take him off their hands. Trading him would be the best thing. They might not get much for him, but if Cleveland plans on building a respectable football team, adding bad blood back into the mix won't work. 

​​Perhaps Gordon wants to link up with former teammate and current Jets QB Josh McCown? The Jets have yet to land a major WR threat, and the risk reward is definitely intriguing. Just some food for thought.