For those who hate the protests during the National Anthem, it looks like the owners of the NFL may have answered your prayers. 

Just days ago, Jerry Jones criticised those who knelt for the National Anthem and ​vowed to bench any Cowboy who disrespected the flag by refusing to stand. It seemed like he was completely out of touch with the NFL today, but it looks like he's not the only one. 

NFL owners are considering a rule change that would make players stand during the National Anthem. 

​​This is the exact opposite of the change players were trying to accomplish. 

By taking a knee or remaining in the locker room during the National Anthem, players were trying to bring attention to the social injustice that's going on in our Nation. Now, similar mistreatment could be coming to them as their right to protest will be completely taken away from them.

The owners will discuss the possibility of creating the rule during a meeting next week. Here's the letter Roger Goodell sent to team owners. 

Now, we'll see if this rule change will bring these protests to an end, or will ignite a fire that will continue to spread across the league.