​The Nationals have had pitching gems from Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg.

However, the problem is they have lost both of those games. The duo of aces have given up just one earned run in 13.1 innings. 

​​The difference has been the clutch hits by the Cubs. On Monday, the Cubs came back from losing 1-0 to winning 2-1 with a huge hit by Albert Almora Jr. in the seventh, followed by an even bigger one by Anthony Rizzo in the eighth. 

On Tuesday, the Nats must turn the table on the Cubs. They need to be the team to have timely late-inning hits. Bryce Harper had a huge home run in Game 2 and the Nats went on to win that game. 

If the Nationals get a big hit to take the lead, they will have all the momentum. Imagine leaving Wrigley after a huge game-winning hit this evening.

All of the momentum will swing in Washington's favor. Game 5 would then be rocking.