​Expect some major uproar over this decision. 

The political uproar created in Washington has spread throughout the country, and ESPN personality Jemele Hill has been as vocal about it as anyone. Hill was warned by the network about tweeting impulsively two weeks ago, and now she's paying price. 

ESPN has suspended Hill for the comments she made about the Dallas Cowboys last night. 


Yesterday, Jerry Jones declared that any Cowboys player that disrespected the flag or the National Anthem would not play for the team anymore. 

Hill was obviously offended by that, so she called on fans to boycott Cowboys merchandise going forward. 

While some were calling for Cowboys players to protest Jones' comments, Hill asked fans to go for the jugular, and stop buying jerseys, tickets and other merchandise they're associated with. She also said they should stop watching their games. 

ESPN gave her fair warning about this. It's just clear that Hill thinks being suspended is worth voicing her opinion. That's her decision.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the suspension will have any effect on her Twitter fingers.