​Playing in the postseason is a whole different ballgame, and managers will do anything possible to win a game. 

And yes, that includes letting your ace pitcher come out of the bullpen for an inning or two. 

You saw it with David Price on Sunday, saving the Sox bacon one more time with a brilliant four innings of relief.

And prior to Monday's Game 4, Red Sox manager John Farrell announced that yes, Chris Sale is available in relief. 

Naturally, he wants to stay away from Price again but...hey, it's do or die!

​​If the Red Sox have the lead late in the game, could we see Farrell give the ball to Sale? He pitches the eighth inning before Kimbrel closes the game out in the ninth? It could be an amazing combo at the end of Game 4. 

There is also the possibility that Sale comes in the game much earlier if Rick Porcello struggles. Have to act fast, after all. 

There are plenty of scenarios where we could see Sale pitch in our dream scenarios. Let's see if Farrell actually uses him.