There's a reason why AT&T Stadium is referred to as "Jerry World". When it comes to the Cowboys, it's Jerry Jones' world, and everybody else is just living with it. 

This kind of mentality isn't exactly new, as we've seen him control each and every part of his organization from the front office to the actions of the players on and off the field. It's just never been more obvious after his latest statement regarding the protests of the National Anthem.

After vowing that any player who disrespects the flag would be benched, it's clear that Jones is not in touch with the reality that is the NFL today.


Whether you agree with the protests or not, you have to admit that Jones' involvement with the team's kneeling before the National Anthem two weeks ago now lost all legitimacy. 

The Cowboys wanted to show they were a united front by joining together to kneel before the National Anthem, but it couldn't be more obvious that they were just appeasing Jones at this point. It's his way or the high way, and you know who's going to have the last say on the situation.

Jones clearly does not support the kneeling, which is perfectly fine as everyone's entitled to their own opinion. What isn't reasonable is how he is silencing the opinions of the men he employs, proving he isn't in touch with the struggles some of these players are fighting for. 

Unfortunately, it's going to be tough to teach this old dog some new tricks.