​Just when you thought the talk surrounding the National Anthem protests was beginning to die down, you can always count on the Cowboys owner to stroke the flames.

When prompted about the protest and if he'd have any response to a player who choose to do anything that could be interpreted by some as disrespect, Jerry Jones reassured us that he'd have absolutely no tolerance for it. 

​​So essentially, you can kneel before the anthem and lock arm during the proceedings, but should a guy even think about kneeling, he's out of there.

Jones did show some empathy and an ability to compromise by being the first to elect to kneel with his players before the anthem, but did then make them all stand when the song was played. That seemed like a just compromise, and may have even bought Jones some brownie points.

Presently, though, that sentiment seems extremely different with the recent news of the strong stance Jones has since elected to take.

In the end, it is Jerry's team and he can enforce whatever policy he so chooses. 

The good news is, at least now we don't have to wonder what side of the fence he's on. ​Jones made that crystal​ clear.