​Before joining the Indianapolis Colts, Frank Gore made history as the star running back of the San Francisco 49ers. Throughout his time there in San Fran, Gore set most of the team's rushing records, and put together one heck of a career. 

However, that didn't stop Gore from savaging his former team after squeaking out a close win over the 49ers this weekend. 

When asked about the 49ers in his postgame interviews, Gore had one simple comment to sum the team up. 

​​Well, he's definitely not wrong. 

Trent Baalke was the former GM of the 49ers, who completely demolished what was a Super Bowl-caliber team and turned them into the burning dumpster fire that we see take the field ever weekend now. 

To be fair, since Baalke is no longer with the team it's not a shot at the current 49ers, but his point was definitely made.