​There's a time and place for humor, and this just is not it. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers were absolutely ripped apart by the Jacksonville Jaguars at home this weekend, in one of their most embarrassing performances in recent memory. Making it much worse, Big Ben threw a whopping FIVE interceptions in the performance. 

After the game, Ben was asked about his performance, and made his best attempt to make a joke about it...we think. 

They did note that he said it facetiously, meaning he was trying to make a coy joke. But, uh, OK, we'll say it: does he have it anymore?

Unfortunately, it's not the kind of joke that is going to go over well right now. The Steelers may still be 3-2, but after this horrendous performance, there is a lot of worry in Pittsburgh over this team. Big Ben has not looked himself (after contemplating retirement this offseason, reportedly), and him "not having it" is beginning to seem like less of a joke every week.

However, he can't be the only one blamed for this loss. 

​​Maybe if Todd Haley actually called some normal plays and made a proper game plan, we'd wouldn't be in this position to begin with. 

Haley doesn't have it either.