​Well, that was fast. 

The New York Giants are now 0-5 on the season, which has just gotten worse and worse for them as the weeks go by. Unfortunately, they have even worse news on the horizon than simply going winless through five weeks. 

Odell Beckham Jr. suffered one of the ​ugliest injuries you'll ever see late in the game, as his leg got rolled up under a pile of bodies in the most uncomfortable way possible. 

Now, it looks like the OBJ injury updates are getting even worse. 

According to reports, OBJ is heading right into surgery for this one, which should tell us everything we need to know about his status.

​​It usually takes a day or two for teams to fully diagnose their players' injuries, but the Giants needed less than an hour to let the world know that OBJ needs surgery. 

The team has now taken to Twitter to announce that the injury is a fractured ankle, which could still lead to surgery for the superstar receiver. 

Looking at the injury, this shouldn't come as much as a surprise. However, stay tuned for more updates on this one as we get specifics.