​Game 2 of the NLDS looked to be going the Chicago Cubs way, as they were leading 3-1 entering the eighth inning. Then, the unpredictability of playoff baseball set in.

With a man on, Nationals star outfielder Bryce Harper unleashed a monster 2-run homer into the upper deck of right field to tie the game. It did not end there, as first baseman Ryan Zimmerman would quickly hit a 3-run bomb to give the Nationals the 6-3 lead, which would prove to be the game winner.

Cubs fans spent much of the game heated that they lost access to their precious "W" flags.

Well, can we interest you in an alternative?

​​After the Game 2 victory, the Nationals just could not help themselves from rubbing salt in the wounds of Cubs fans.

​​Savagery at its finest.

But they didn't forget about the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Indians, either.

One thing is for certain: playoff baseball has gotten teams to understandably testy levels on social media.

We can only imagine that once these series go into the pivotal fourth or fifth game, this social media war will escalate into a firefight between the Nats and Cubbies. The flags demand it.