If you ever played football and scored a touchdown with your family in attendance, you know the emotions from both sides will be at a fever pitch.

​Got to stay in the stands, though. it's the only rule. And Western Michigan tight end Donnie Ernsberger has some explaining to do this Thanksgiving.

In a wild game against the Buffalo Bulls, we entered the always fun and intense overtime portion. Early in those proceedings, quarterback Jon Wassink hurled a 14-yard touchdown pass to ​Ernsberger to ultimately tie the game at 38.

While Ernsberger was celebrating, he had an unexpected guest join him on the field: his sister.

Ernsberger's sister obviously could not contain her emotions and decided to take the field, while the game was still in progress. From looking at the video, she had no regrets as police escorted her out of the stadium.

Western Michigan would go onto win the game in SEVEN OVERTIMES by the ridiculous score of 71-68. However, we will not be talking about the score.

We will forever be talking about Donnie Ernsberger's sister invading the Western Michigan-Buffalo game on October 7, 2017.