Who doesn't love a little college football on Saturday morning? 

And as good as the matchups are for this weekend with No. 23 West Virginia taking on No. 8 TCU and the classic annual rivalry pitting No. 13 Miami against Florida State this afternoon, nothing, and we mean nothing, provides more entertainment than the custom GameDay signs. 

So let's not waste any time and see what Week 6 of the college football season has for us.

Well, that's just straight to the point—the kind of honesty that is always appreciated. Listen, sometimes people push a little and receive more than they expected. It happens, we won't judge.


Speaking of honesty, does any team really want to play Bama right now. The No. 1 team has been perfect, as usual, and they lead the FBS in points per game surrendered with only 8.6. It could be a long day for the Red Raiders at Kyle Field.

Ah, moving onto that good ol' unfiltered honesty...

A president, inserting his opinion about sports? On social media no less?? Surely that tweet has to be fake...right?

What's not debatable though is the struggles Baylor is going through this season.

Ouch, Karma always wins. And we can't argue the logic of the next sign. I mean, all the alphabet really needed was one.

Remember when that was the only way to consume old movies? That was until Netflix completely took over and shut down that company. West Virginia better hope that TCU doesn't do the same to them to keep their undefeated streak so far.

TCU perhaps counting their chickens before they hatch or just plain confident? We're not even sure that Maury is still on television anymore. Did that air before Springer or after?

The state of West Virginia is getting no love this week from these fan signs. Just no love at all.

That's a low-hanging fruit joke, but it's still funny. 

Yes, they do make unfrosted Pop Tarts, and if you have ever tried one, it's like eating sandpaper and then washing it down with a glass of sand. Apparently, quarterback Will Grier doesn't mind, and that doesn't make him a bad guy.

SVP is a style icon, hair or no hair. Look at those black-framed hipster glasses. Just a totally unfair comparison. 

We're through to Week 6, and the signs just keep getting better, but certainly more personal.