​There always seems to be some love lost with players and officials, especially when it's ​Angel Hernandez

The long-time umpire has had his controversies ​all over the diamond (and off it), but has been especially scrutinized for his calls behind the plate. Tigers second baseman Ian Kinlser was fined $10,000 back in August for ​remarks against Hernandez and he hasn't been the only one to speak out.

Current free agent relief pitcher Sam LeCure had some choice words for Hernandez's performance during these playoffs. 

Harsh words to say the least.

Many people are upset with the league's decision to allow Hernandez to ump in these important games and when you watch the tape, it's hard not to disagree. 

Hernandez blatantly missed that ball for a called strike. And hundreds of others. 

It may not seem like a huge deal in the regular season, but in the playoffs, it's garnering national attention. 

Hopefully this is something the MLB is able to discuss and figure out because it seems like everyone's had enough. I hate when people use the officials as an excuse for a team's performance, but in this case, Hernandez is truly making a negative impact.