​Well, we all know Jeremy Lin is as rare as they come. 

The NBA journeyman has bounced around the league since his eruption with the Knicks during the 2010-2011 season known as 'Linsanity.' Since 2012, Lin has played on five different teams, which is relatively close to the amount of extreme hairstyles he has chosen.

His transitions are not how most people feel about haircuts. Most of us treat a consistent barber like gold, and are nervous about going to the local guy up the block. Jeremy Lin, however, excels in variety. 

It's safe to say that Lin completes a well-rounded list of hairstyles, but his newest addition to the lineup did not sit well with Kenyon Martin who entered the league with the Nets in 2004 and went on to have a solid 15-year career. 

He lashed out after Lin's recent article in the Players Tribune, where Jeremy dove deep into the underlying stories behind his crazy haircuts. 

As a poised Harvard grad, Lin fought hate with love, and absolutely shredded Martin in the most polite way.

Lin is getting praise all over social media for his reply, rightfully so. He put Kenyon's arrogance on blast and most likely gained a large following just in time for the NBA regular season to get underway.