Alabama is the most ruthless program in college football, and the entire program is modeled after its head coach. 

Nick Saban loves to preach about "The Process," which emphasizes focusing on exactly what's in front of you in order to get to the big picture. He really never seems to be happy about his wins. 

But, his teams sure know how to suck the life out of opposing teams. 

Now we may know why. Saban was reminded by a member of the media that many of his players are from Houston, which was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey and is less than two hours from Texas A&M, the Crimson Tide's opponent on Saturday. 

In an attempt to compare the game to a business trip, Saban dug deep in his past about the time his girlfriend dumped him.

​​I can't seem to figure out who's more responsible for making Saban seem more like an emotionless robot, his ex-girlfriend or his dad. 

He obviously took the break up hard, but his dad seems pretty intense. Whoever it was, fans throughout Alabama will thank them for helping mold one of the best coaches in college football history.