​Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper is a Las Vegas native, and just like everyone around the country, and probably even more so because of his connection to the city, he's heartbroken about the mass shooting that happened Sunday night at a country music festival.

To show his support for his hometown and prove how much he's thinking about the victims, Harper took to Twitter and showed off his new kick-ass cleats.

On the side of his cleats are the words "Pray for Las Vegas."​​ On the other side is a silhouette of the skyline. 

 Harper will be wearing these cleats on Friday night when the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs kick off Game 1 of the National League Division Series.

I imagine Harper will also sell the cleats and donate the proceeds to the Las Vegas victims. It would be another classy guy for a person who still lives there and is obviously very much interested in seeing it helping it recover from this devastating act of terror.