​The Boston Celtics are building for the long haul with the three big stars they've brought in since last season, starting with Jaylen Brown, then Jayson Tatum and Kyrie Irving.

Irving's ability has already been showcased, and it's next to impossible to find even one negative comment on Tatum since being selected No. 3 overall. Surprisingly though, that has not been the case with Brown, last year's No. 3 overall pick.

Boston personnel rave about Brown. Fans love him. Players, both past and present, call him an incredible teammate, and he's showcased his athleticism as he boldly stepped into the spotlight and to take on major responsibilities as a rookie.

For whatever reason, that apparently means nothing to many. Zach Lowe sat down to speak with Jeff Van Gundy on The Lowe Post, and had some pretty surprising things to say on the matter.

Around the 38:30 mark, Lowe says this of Brown:

​​"Jaylen Brown is a really polarizing player when you talk to team people. A lot of people don't like him. One guy told me, 'What's to like? He Can't dribble and he can't shoot.'"

Lowe goes out of his way to support Brown afterwards, pointing out that he's only 20, he's already shot 34 percent from three as a rookie and he can post up little guys.

Those points say it all. Brown is a small forward, who has already gained coach Brad Stevens' trust enough to earn the starting spot at shooting guard, and he has years and years ahead of him to develop every aspect of his game.

For a guy who has flashed potential in every facet of the game, it sure doesn't make sense to rain down so hard on a 20-year-old player with all of one year under his belt.