​The NBA is making a huge change to the All-Star game this year, by having two captains select their teams regardless of the conference they play in. 

Captains will be decided by whichever player wins the fan vote in the Eastern and Western Conference.

​​This format of being able to draft your team is similar to what the NHL does for their All-Star game. With the game losing its flare, the NBA might see a altercation as a way to generate more interest. 

Although there will be 12 players selected from each conference still, it will be awesome to have the chance to perhaps see LeBron James team up with a talent like Russell Westbrook. ​​

If somehow LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony are all selected, we could see the 'Banana Boat' team assemble for the 2018 All-Star game. This new approach won't be a guaranteed hit for the NBA, but it is definitely an intriguing concept.