​No one thought Redskins fans could be upset about being 2-2 to start the season.

They have an argument now, as they were one Josh Doctson catch away from taking the lead late against the Chiefs. 

But, Doctson couldn't secure the catch in the end zone, the Chiefs remain the only undefeated team in the league and Kirk Cousins has yet another reason to leave the Redskins. 

We've already seen the debacle that was the Redskins contract negotiations with Cousins over the offseason. Cousins has shown the ability to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league on several occasions, but the Redskins teams has let him down and the front office clearly hasn't realized his potential.   

If Cousins keeps up his level of production the rest of the season, there are teams out there that will give him the money he deserved from the Redskins after last season. 

And if you're a team, adding Kirk Cousins could make you an instant playoff contender, if not more. 

Cousins has seen Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan leave for greener pastures, so why not do the same? There have been numerous rumors pointing towards Cousins joining Shanahan in San Francisco, but he has more than enough options. 

Cousins could have a Peyton Manning situation, being able to pick what contender he wants to play for. Although he's not at the same level of Manning when he chose the Broncos, Cousins could end up in Denver as well. 

The Broncos still have the best defense in the league, and Trevor Siemian, while adequate, is not on the same level as Cousins. 

The Jaguars are another wild card. They have a young core of players that they've pieced together through the draft, but Blake Bortles continues to lack consistency. 

Regardless of where he could end up, Cousins is better off leaving Washington. 

They weren't able to give him what he deserved in two straight offseasons, and now that he could be a hot commodity, they lost their chance.