​Russell Westbrook seems to love playing into the him versus Kevin Durant rivalry. 

He has done numerous things in the past to take some shots at Durant. And when he signed his five year, $205 million extension, there was more to it. 

He signed the deal on Durant's birthday. And it was clearly on purpose.

So immediately people were wondering whether or not this was a coincidence or if Westbrook really did wait to sign the deal on Durant's birthday. Well, we kind of got the answer from Westbrook himself.

When asked why he signed the deal on Durant's birthday, Westbrook responded, "I'd prefer not to do that."

By not answering the question directly, Westbrook seemed to admit that one of the reasons he waited to sign the deal was to sign it on Durant's birthday.

If it was just a coincidence, Westbrook simply could have just said no, but he didn't.

Russ is notoriously petty, especially since Durant left for Golden State. It should come as no surprise that he's going to rub this in KD's face as much as possible, for as long as he possibly can.