Well, it appears some of the USC players took the upset loss to Washington State a bit harder than others. 

On Friday night, the favored Trojans, ranked No. 5 at the time, traveled to Pullman, Wash., but left town with a stunning 30-27 loss at the hands of the Cougars. 

After the game, the fans at Martin Stadium went nuts, and rushed the field after the then No. 16 Cougars came away with the close win. In the video below, though, it sure looks like a USC player intentionally delivered a massive hit on a fan sprinting for midfield. 

​Watch that video, ​first posted on Facebook by David Smith, closely. The Trojan, who quite honestly looks like either a defensive or offensive lineman, fully extends his hands and sends the kid to the turf. He then jogs off the field like nothing happened.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the video evidence is damning. It'd be one thing to try and avoid the WSU fan, but he lunges forward at him to lay a massive hit. 

Horrible look for the USC program.