​It's not like it's an 80,000-seat stadium or anything. 

The Chargers are awaiting their new stadium in Los Angeles, and they've settled on playing in the StubHub Center until it's ready. The StubHub Center, a MLS venue, only holds about 27,000 people, making it the smallest stadium in the NFL. 

Yet because they can't even come close to filling up that many seats, the Chargers are being forced to cover up some seats with team flags. 

We're used to seeing the Oakland A's do that all the time, but that stadium holds over 47K people and the A's have stunk for the past couple of years. 

The Chargers, meanwhile, just moved to LA from San Diego and expected to create quite the buzz. At the very least, they had to be able to fill 27,000 seats. Instead they're covering up at least a couple thousand of them because people just don't care. 

There's an obvious lack of interest in football in Los Angeles, and the fact that there are two teams there isn't helping. Also complicating things is that Chargers tickets are extremely overpriced on secondary markets like, ironically, StubHub. 

Nobody is going to pay that much money to see an 0-3 team when there's limited interest. There's also the surging Rams to deal with, who have more of a built-in fanbase in LA considering they used to play there. 

Either way, it's an ugly situation for the Chargers.