Someone in the Panthers ​social media department definitely deserves a raise after this video. 

The timing is amazing. The subtly is sublime. The result is perfect. A troll to end all trolls. 

After the Panthers beat the Patriots on a last-second field goal on Sunday, the Panthers social media team released one of the best trolls of the year, using an already-viral dab video to take a shot at the Patriots. 

That poor, poor kid. 

This video went viral a few weeks ago, but if you look closely, the Panthers made it their own by adding a Patriots logo to the kid's shirt. 

You'd think this kid would get a break here, as the virality of the clip seems to have died down a bit. Now, it has new life. 

Cam made the dab famous two years ago, then stopped doing it last year. He brought it back this year, however, and the Panthers did the rest. 

The original was great, but the Panthers took it to another level. 

Someone give their social media manager a raise.