Marshawn Lynch has no problem speaking his mind on this issue. 

Only, he's using fashion to make his latest statement. 

Lynch generally doesn't like talking to the media, but he's the kind of guy who makes his opinions known anyway. Sometimes, silence speaks louder than screaming, and Marshawn tends to communicate his beliefs quietly. 

Or you know, he might just wear a t-shirt telling you how he feels. 

Marshawn showed up for Sunday's game against the Broncos wearing a shirt that says "Everybody vs. Trump." Lynch is famous for having no filter, and this only tracks with his reputation. 

Leave it to Marshawn to keep the flame alive and keep the pressure on Donald Trump after the President asked NFL players not to kneel this weekend. Lynch hasn't spoken about the situation, aside from saying he's been sitting during the Anthem for years, but it certainly wouldn't surprise anyone if he made a bigger deal about it moving forward. 

Sales on this shirt are about to skyrocket for sure.