​This is not what the Washington Nationals needed mere days before the MLB playoffs.

Nationals ace pitcher Max Scherzer left Saturday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the fourth inning after planting his foot awkwardly on a pitch to Josh Bell. Scherzer only threw 54 pitches, and was relatively cruising through the Pirates.

​​Scherzer has exited games this season due to minor injuries in, brace yourselves, four of his last 10 starts this season.

​​The Nationals did not need this, especially with an upcoming NLDS matchup against the defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs approaching on Oct. 6.

With the Nationals just getting star outfielder Bryce Harper back from a scary injury, they did not expect that they would have to cope with another injury to another key piece to Washington's success this season.

However, with the injury coming in the second to last game of the regular season, the Nationals might have to prepare for the playoffs without their star pitcher. let's hope that's not the case, though.