Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder have agreed to a five-year extension worth $205 million, making Westbrook's total contract the largest in NBA history.

In other words, Westbrook has a whole lot to be happy about.

The Brodie took to Instagram to celebrate the monster deal with a simple caption for a strong message -- "Why not?"

​​Westbrook's "Why not?" motto has carried him through life dating back to high school. Those two simple words have exemplified The Brodie's way of thinking both on and off the court, as he continually goes against the grain, making a statement like a walking, talking exclamation point.

That carefree attitude to live and play his way earned him a monstrous MVP in the 2016-17 season, and now it's brought in those MVP dollars.

Those two words now take a whole new meaning -- "Why not us?" 

With Paul George and Carmelo Anthony by his side, Westbrook is ready to bring that championship to Oklahoma City.