There is no place in sports for BS like this. 

Don't care if you're a Bears fan, Packers fan, Cleveland Cavaliers fan, or whatever. What Danny Trevathan did is completely inexcusable and he deserves to be suspended for a long time after the brutal hit to the head he inflicted on Packers WR Davante Adams. 

Ok, now that we're done with that rant, here's the brutal, unnecessary hit by the Bears LB on the Packers WR. 

​​Adams was eight yards from scoring, in no position to move forward, being held up by two defenders on third down, and Trevathan lowers his head and goes helmet-to-helmet on Adams. 


​​Adams was carted off the field. Thankfully he gave a thumbs up as he left the field, but that's all we know for that. 

Well, that and Trevathan needs to be suspended for this dangerous, egregious hit.