Most of the times when a player has to leave practice, the alarms are set off for the coaches and a fan base. Not here, though. 

Kirk Cousins exited practice on Thursday, and no, he didn't get into a fight with a coach, or get injured--though he did go to the hospital.

Cousins left practice for one of the coolest reasons of all--to become a father.

According to the reports, Cousins skipped out on the post-practice press conference because he got a text from his pregnant wife telling him that it was "go time."

​​I love the image of Cousins at practice, running drills, and then ditching--"sorry, guys, I've gotta go become a dad now."

It's been a banner week for Cousins, who had already won NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors for his stellar 3-touchdown, 365-yard performance against Oakland.

​​Now, he becomes a dad, too.

Congrats, Kirk! Hope fatherhood treats you as well as being an NFL quarterback has.