​John Wall is certainly no loser, but his team is going to have a tough time ever getting over the hump if he remains unwilling to adapt to the changing climate.

Superteams are in, and no amount criticism from the peanut gallery is going to change that.

Either Wall will conform and start to finally see some real postseason success, or he'll be doomed to regularly make second and third round exits throughout the course of his prime.

For now, Wall is on the outside looking in, and doesn't seem to particularly like the trend that's taken the NBA by storm.


The team of two in Washington currently sits as the third or fourth most talented team just in their own conference, and the East is the weaker one.

Washington is leagues away from being a title contender, and it's exactly because they're not a super-team.

So while Wall can stick to his guns and continue to ride it out with B-Rad in the Nation's Capital, they should also expect the teams that they criticize the most to continuously bounce them out of the postseason.

That's just the price he'll have to pay for being stingy. Wall may want to reconsider this whole idea of "teaming up" ​before it gets to be too late.