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10 Massive Scandals That Shook the College Sports Landscape

College basketball is mired in the latest scandal following an FBI investigation that revealed a number of recruiting violations involving coaches, money managers, sponsorship companies and players. The fallout from this scandal is just beginning, and it looks like it may reveal the entire underbelly of college basketball recruiting. As this scandal unfold, let's take a look back at some of the other scandals that have rocked college sports. These are in no particular order, and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

10. Murder in Virginia

The UVA campus was shaken to its core by after a mens lacrosse player George Huguely murdered female lacrosse player and his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love. Huguely was convicted of second-degree murder in an incident that involved high profile athletes on top ranked teams. 

9. Lost Heisman at USC

Reggie Bush was a star running back at USC and won the Heisman Trophy after the 2005 season. Eventually, Bush would be caught up in a scandal that involved him receiving large sums of money in the form of gifts and benefits. As a result of an NCAA investigation, Bush had to vacate his Heisman and USC had to vacate wins from 2004 and 2005 which included a national championship. 

8. Murder At Baylor

A Baylor player, Carlton Dotson, was convicted of murdering his teammate Patrick Dennehy and the team's head coach Dave Bliss tried to cover it all up. Bliss tried to portray Dennehy as a drug dealer and tried to persuade others to do the same. The scandal went even further as Bliss lied to investigators about paying the tuition for the two players and failed to report players' drug test results. 

7. Boosters at The U

A booster, Nevin Shapiro, provided numerous gifts  and benefits to players on the football team over nearly 10 years and claimed that coaches knew about it. Some high profile players were involved in the scandal, and the team was put on probation and had scholarships limited. 

6. Alleged Sexual Assault at Duke

Three members of the Duke Lacrosse team were accused of rape in 2006. While the cases was strongly prosecuted, the charges against the three men were eventually dropped. The scandal brought the issue of sexual assault on college campus into serious conversation.

5. FBI Busts in College Basketball

This scandal is just now beginning to unfold, and will surely only get worse from here on out. But through three days, it's led to numerous coach firings in the sport, and a raid of top shoe companies like Nike and Adidas. 

4. 1950s Point Shaving In New York

This scandal happened before most people were born, but it threatened to end college basketball. Starting with City College of New York a multi-year multi-team point shaving  scandal was uncovered and resulted in the arrest of more than 30 players. The scandal had long term effects on the quality of college basketball in New York City and on the NIT.

3. Sexual Assault at Baylor

Numerous sexual assaults were perpetrated by Baylor football players, and the institution did little to combat or properly report the incidences. The team's head coach all the way up to the athletic director and president are no longer at the school following a long list of lawsuits. 

2. Jerry Sandusky at Penn State

Arguably the worst scandal to hit college sports, the Sandusky scandal at Penn State was huge. Sandusky had been sexually abusing children while he served as defensive coordinator for Penn State. The institution did nothing to stop Sandusky and head coach Joe Paterno's legacy was ruined because he allowed the abuse to continue. The NCAA came down hard on the program with an postseason ban, scholarship reduction and vacating wins, but some say it was not enough. 

1. The Death Penalty at SMU

After repeated violations and paying players, the SMU football program was given the death penalty in 1987. The program had become too corrupt and had too many violations to continue to operate. The team was back on the field in 1989, but the damage to the program had already been done. SMU has never returned to a high level.