​Various programs across the NCAA were ​rocked by a report from the FBI early Tuesday which targeted staff members in college basketball programs and accused them of bribery

The investigation listed four staff members from major D-1 schools, and now it seems the FBI has their eye on another top program. 

According to reports, which have been confirmed by University of Miami President Julio Frenk, a staff member for the university is under investigation by the FBI, arising during the wave of allegations Tuesday. 

Jon Rothstein

The report released initially did not directly name the University of Miami, though there was an unnamed school, listed as "University-7," which matched the profile of Miami. A coach for the Miami basketball team was reportedly involved in a bidding war over a high-school recruit that may have bordered on the illegal.

These charges are extremely severe, and any program involved will likely face intense sanctions, with Louisville already firing Rick Pitino as well as their athletic director.

Here we go again.