​Deshaun Watson has a lot under his belt at such a young age.

CFP National Champion, first-round pick, starter in the NFL. Add philanthropist to that list.

In an absolutely amazing move that should inspire the city of Houston, the kid gave away his first game check of the season to three women who work in the Houston Texans' cafeteria, and who were badly affected by the floods during Hurricane Harvey.

​​Damn. This kid is straight out of college, just got his first professional gig, and is already giving away money to those less fortunate than him.

Talk about class.

And Watson isn't only killing it off the field, but on the field as well. Despite not getting the W, Watson had a great game against the Patriots last Sunday, passing for 301 yards and two touchdowns.

​​Deshaun Watson is what every mother wants her 22-year-old son to be. Keep killing it, kid!