In Pham's opinion, he was hit intentionally.

​The St. Louis Cardinals held on to an 8-7 victory over their rivals, the Chicago Cubs, on Tuesday night. The win preserved the Cardinals chances of still making the playoffs. 

The upcoming weekend series against the Brewers could have playoff implications, so outfielder Tommy Pham is making sure he's on the field -- despite his anger over the pitch he took to the rib cage on Tuesday. 

He's still upset over what he perceives as an intentional hit-by-pitch from Cubs' pitcher Felix Pena. 

​​Pham, 29, is having a memorable breakout campaign for the Cardinals. His 6.0 WAR through just 124 games has catapulted him to being the Cardinals' most important position player, and it's not very close.

If the Cubs were going to bean someone intentionally, Pham is probably their guy. The star outfielder should probably let this one go until next season.

​​The last thing either of these teams need is a suspension-earning brawl before the playoffs.

​Tommy Pham is the type of player who will get you back with his bat, at least until he makes enough money to start throwing fists.