​Carmelo Anthony has finally escaped the death grip of the New York Knicks, by way of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who now have the makings of a contender. But head coach Billy Donovan now has to figure out how to balance three ball-dominant players in Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Melo. 

Who will be in this suddenly loaded roster's starting 5? According to new reports the new big three will start along side Andre Roberson and Steven Adams, but this lineup could be cumbersome. 

Not only would this lineup have Melo projected at the 4, but all three stars have always dominated the ball throughout their entire careers--that could be a problem. 

​​So is Melo's greatest value off the bench? 

His value at this point in his career is as a pure scorer-- he can't do much else. Melo could be that much needed secret weapon that could dominate second units, without losing touches to Russ or PG13, or play an uncomfortable position where he could be physically dominated. 

Instead of trying to figure out how to balance the three dominant players, Donovan could have Melo lead a second unit that leaves much to be desired, while giving him his minutes. 

Think about it. Remember Melo's role in the 2016 Olympics? His instant offense of the bench was unstoppable, he could do the same in OKC. 

Now comes the hard part: convincing Melo to come off the bench.

Yeah, good luck with that.