Foundational  college basketball teams are in trouble for a recruiting scandal again--to no one's surprise--but this time it's gone fe​deral. 

The FBI has opened an investigation into a bribery scheme where college coaches accepted bribes to pressure players into signing with particular managers, while working with shoe companies to deliver cash payments to recruits in return for commitments to certain programs.

The FBI has already arrested 10 individuals, including four college coaches and an Adidas Representative, and has implicated Oklahoma State, Auburn, Arizona, USC and Miami so far. This is no routine College Basketball scandal, people will lose their jobs, people will go to jail, College Basketball programs may even go out the way of SMU football, with the death penalty.

Looking at the widespread corruption in college basketball makes the "One-and-Done" rule absolutely ludicrous. 

​​College programs will always operate in the grey area of recruiting , but if the biggest prospects could jump right from high school to the NBA, this corruption likely wouldn't be so pervasive. 

Think about this, if LeBron had lived in the one-and-done era, college programs and shoe programs easily would have risked federal indictment to get the King. This broken system will only continue to spiral into darkness if big-time recruits, like Marvin Bagley III or Michael Porter Jr. this year, have to go to college for a year before entering the pros.  

Either way, major programs are about to fall. Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino is already out as Louisville head coach, and many will follow.