Louisville is cleaning house, and it's about damn time.

After an FBI investigation concluded that Louisville was one of several schools involved in a pay-for-play ​scandal featuring several of the top shoe companies in sports, the school had two options--dig in and go to war with the FBI and NCAA, or admit guilt and brace for damage control.

They've decided on the latter choice, and it's very much the right decision.

Jurich is likely just the first of many dismissals at the school on Wednesday, with Rick Pitino next in line.

The school will hold a press conference at 1 PM to officially announce the changes to the athletic department. Numerous sources are reporting that Pitino will join Jurich as likely scapegoats of this scandal.

The Cardinals' interim president has acted swiftly, and dare I say honorably, something that's been missing from the school's leadership for quite some time now.

Jurich had been the athletic director since 1997, and even acted as the school's Vice President. In the two decades since his hiring, Louisville has seen tremendous success in athletics, but numerous scandals under his watch. Pitino, on the other hand, has been the head coach of the basketball team since 2001.

This was the last straw, and rightly so.