​Here we go again with the sign stealing.

It's hit the Red Sox and the Yankees, with both teams being fined for using Apple Watches or cameras to steal signs from the opponent.

It hit the Yankees again last night, but this time it wasn't someone within the organization relaying signs.

It was a fan.

That fan was ejected by home plate umpire Dan Bellino, but how odd is this? We've gotten so deep into this sign stealing ordeal that now fans are doing it?

The fan reportedly shouted to the batter, who at the time was Gary Sanchez, that the catcher was setting up outside. The fan did this twice before Bellino got Yankee Stadium ushers to remove him from the ballpark.

Just another strange occurrence in this sign-stealing-saga. We can only hope this doesn't boil over into the payoffs, as we'd hate to see any sign-stealing distract us from the most exciting time of the baseball season.