​The talk of sports this week has been about the NFL and the Anthem protests that have been taking place. With President Donald Trump calling out players who take a knee during the National Anthem, the NFL took a stand against him. 

Now Washington Wizards star John Wall believes that the best way for this situation to resolve is for Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to defend Colin Kaepernick.

​​While Wall expressed his appreciation for Brady and Rodgers, he said that, "until those guys come out and speak, I don't think the NFL is going to make any adjustments." 

​​Perhaps there's a solid chance that Brady will come out and defend Kaepernick, considering he is a fan of his. Earlier this month, Brady talked about their epic matchup in 2012 and how he still deserves to play quarterback in the NFL. 

Only time will tell if Rodgers and Brady publicly come out to defend the man who began the Anthem protests, however, John Wall has made it clear that it'd be a huge statement if they did.