​With the Golden State Warriors still deciding whether or not they will go to the White House, one player who won't be there for sure is Steph Curry. 

After Curry recently expressed doubts about the visit, President Trump woke up, immediately Tweeted, and took action into his own hands.

​​President Trump took offense to the fact that Curry wasn't sure about going to the Oval Office. Naturally, he decided to withdraw Curry's invitation. Of course he did.

This came on the heels of Kevin Durant stating that the Warriors could send a message when it comes to their White House visit decision.

​​This week has been quite a busy one for President Trump. From ​calling out NFL players who don't stand for the national anthem, to uninviting Steph Curry, he's been all over the news. 

With this latest tweet by Trump, the Warriors may find it easier to decline their visit to the White House altogether. Although, there is a chance that the president will Tweet about uninviting the entire Golden State team. You never know. Give it time.