​Noah Syndergaard is making his first start for the New York Mets since April 30 on Saturday against the Washington Nationals.

Okay, that's news in and of itself.

However, there's a catch. According to Anthony DiComo of MLB.com, Syndergaard will pitch the first inning of the game and then Matt Harvey will enter in the second and pitch from there.

Wait, what?

I understand having Syndergaard get in a routine to start the game instead of sitting out in the bullpen and randomly coming into the game. But if you don't want him to hurl more than one inning, what's the point of pitching him at all with less than two weeks left in the season?

What. Is the point. Of ANY of this?!

And if there's one guy who I don't want to mess with as far as routines are concerned, it's Matt Harvey. He was scheduled to start this game, but now he has to wait and enter in the second inning, already exhibiting key symptoms of being a head case.

Sure, it'll be great for the Mets and their fans to see Syndergaard pitch before the season ends, but let's hope he doesn't overdo it and hurt himself in a meaningless outing in September.

And, well, Harvey is a mess and probably should sit on the bench, but maybe this will work better for him. The Mets can only hope so. 

No matter your feelings about it, everyone can admit this is pretty odd and something nobody would've expected entering the season.