​Rhys Hoskins might be having the most under-the-radar stretch of dominance in sports history.

The Phillies' rookie first baseman came up in August and has just hit his 45th career RBI. Keep in mind, it's September. It's taken him less than two months to reach that plateau -- 41 games, to be exact.

That's the fastest anyone's done that. Ever.

That's right. Hoskins is hitting at a tick to start off his career that bests Joltin' Joe AND Teddy Ballgame.​

If it seems like Hoskins' torrid start isn't getting proper coverage, that's because it isn't. With the Tribe reeling off 22 in a row and playoff fever in full swing, it's hard to imagine news outlets dedicating much time to covering the flounderin' Phils.

And speaking of those Phils, they're not floundering so much after Hoskin's hot month. Check out his bases-clearing double to put the Phillies on top of the Dodgers last night.

​​It's safe to say that if this were happening at the start of the season, Hoskins would be as big a story as...well, Trevor Story was last year. So just wait until April -- if you don't know the name Rhys Hoskins now, you will then.