​I don't know if there's a more fitting video to accompany the Giants play on the field. 

In their Monday night game against the Lions, Eli Manning and company were nowhere to be found on offense, losing 24-10. 

Just as disgusting as the lack of offense is this fan's reaction to it. 

Two fans get in a fight at the stadium after one fan vomited all over the other fan and his friends. 

The resulting video shows the scuffle unfold. 

​​It's too easy to make a joke that the Giants' play was gross enough to cause the man to vomit, but if you watch the video, it seems clear he had too much to drink.

They say don't let Monday ruin your Sunday, but this man clearly was trying to live it up for this Monday night game in Metlife Stadium. 

Hopefully next time this man can hold his own, and maybe the Giants will too.